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"For  some time the charming remembrance of Madame Bonancieux had imprinted upon the young lieutenant a certain poetic tinge..."  

Twenty Years After, Alexandre Dumas

Bonjour mes amis and good day to you! I do, from the beginning, wish to humbly thank those of you whom have chosen to visit my meager page and wish for you, my friends, to know that I do maintain this page for those whom share my love for history.... no matter what the time period. I have met many kindred spirits and exchanged great stories with other Cavalier/Musketeer admirers, and for that, my love for the legends has been enriched. 

As you can assume from my title, my page is dedicated to cavaliers - however, the site's  contents and focus has grown in depth and breadth over the years. Loosely translated, the word cavalier can be linked to the French word for 'knight', and it is in 17th century France that my interest in this topic began. In case you are curious, I have indeed 'borrowed' the name of Bonancieux from the Dumas novels, but rather than adopt the fate of poor Constance, I've decided to take on a little flavor of my own. As you will see - it's the truly 'universal' and time-tested versatility of the Musketeer legends that make it known centuries after the story's beginnings.

As you will see on first perusal, and, in fact, the reason my page has been so successful, is that I have dedicated much material to the most famous of all French Cavaliers: The Musketeers (both fact and fiction).  However, another leading topic, is that of the Cavaliers of England. Hence, a growing part of my site covers the Cavaliers of the English Civil War.

Still, if it's one thing I've learned is that such ideals are carried over into so many decades and areas of history that one can almost never run out of material. Sure - it gets tough when you exhaust one vein - but, as they say, one thing leads to another. I humbly admit that though my love for this topic is great, my interests vary in so many ways, and I can only hope you will pardon me if you find anything less than you may have hoped. I would never claim to be an expert, but I can attest to my enthusiasm and love for the topics therein. 

Like Don Quixote, many of us search even today for those lofty standards of chivalry and honor. Now whether or not we find windmills or ogres depends on how well we see (and our success is determined by how quickly we pick ourselves up afterward!)

Ultimately it is my goal is to bring to you, my visitor, the presentation of the facts and fictions of this very little discussed but fascinating aspect of history. Whether the time of the opulent courts of Louis XIV and Versailles, the doomed Charles I, or 'The Merrie Monarch', Charles II - you don't have to look far to find these dashing and enigmatic men: The Cavaliers. 

My love,
Gabrielle Bonancieux

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