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Historical Ballads and Music of History

Below you will find a number of references for the music, not only of the 17th century specifically, but also references for some of my favorite 'period' music. 

Ballads and the Art of Minstreling

Blackletter Ballads - This was an excellent site I came across which actually has many songs and ballads take from 17th century and the English Civil War. This is an exceptional example of research on the part of the author!

Folk Music and Ballads Through History

Folk Music of England, Scotland, Ireland Wales, and America - This is an EXCELLENT and well researched site which collects an incredible multitude of different songs and ballads through time. Also includes an admirable collection of seafaring ballads for the sail history fanatic!

Sea Shanties
Sea shanties hold a special place amongst music and their place in musical history is story all its own. 
Songs of the Sea - This is part of Lesley Nelson's Folk Music of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales & America website.
Shanties and Sea Songs - A nicely designed and easy to navigate site from a devout hobbyist.

Minstrels of Mayhem One of the first acts I ever saw at my first Renaissance Faire and a favorite ever since is The Minstrels of Mayhem (Ahem!). From humor to heartbreak - from tradition folk to rock-folk - from kids music to bawdy songs - there's something for nearly everyone.

Craig of Farrington - Lutenist minstrel extraordinaire. His website says it all: Songs of Love, Faith and Mirth. Songs of Heaven and of Earth. His presence at the Bristol Faire adds a charm and talent that cannot be argued.

The baroque was full of opulent architecture and passionate music. Considered mostly the time period between middle/late 17th century to early 18th century... It was truly a time period where the wealthy were not afraid to flaunt it (and obviously why it lead up to so many revolutions!).

The Baroque Music Page - Need an overview of the baroque music genre? Here's a good place to start!

Benedetto Marcello (Although there are many great Baroque composers, the most well know, Bach, I have a few of my favorites. I am trying to collect samples to feature on my web site)