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A popular request for Musketeer enthusiasts!

Reconstructing History's
Cassock and Cape Pattern

Cavaliers Anyone?

Cavalier Male
Costume Connection

Available in August '04
1640s English Civil War
 Doublet or Buff Coat


A few books I value on costuming:
(Click for more info)

What People Wore
Features many illustrations, including hair/hat styles

History of Costume
Includes commentary on styles as well as 'draftsman' patterns that can be enlarged and used by the more experienced.

Costume 1066-1990s
Great overview of English costume over the years - several styles for each era. Line drawings only - but still great!


Here I have collected as many (and there are very few!) 17th century costuming links as well as some highly recommendable references for a potpourri of periods for any and all costumers.  Some listings may be found under two or more categories since many vendors carry a variety of items. 

Despite demand, I am sorry to say that I am maintaining a low number of visuals. Rather than run the risk of violating a copyright law, I've tried to cite the names of costuming sources - patterns and books. While I'd like to be able to provide a comprehensive resource, the best I can do is try to help steer you in the right direction.
Seventeenth Century/Cavalier Costuming Links

There are thousands of Elizabethan, Medieval, Victorian, etc, etc... sites out there but 17th century is an elusive creature. I have attempted to gather some links and will add to them as I go along. Please note that some of these sites are GREAT general costuming links as well, but are included here because of their exceptional 17th century content.

Webmistress Pick: 

Reconstructing History
- For the historically accurate costumer - this is THE place for 17th century history lovers! As webmistress of this page, I know one of my most popular requests is for patterns for my beloved cavalier era. Here you can find a truly pleasing selection of patterns for the authentic cavalier and musketeer look! 

Excalibur Leather - For those who like to combine history with Hollywood glamour! These ready-made costumes they off are definitely embellished from the historical counterparts, but I think many of my visitors may have fun with the two below options. Anything that I didn't make myself for my cavalier costume was almost certainly made by them!


The 'Classic Musketeer 'Tabard' A popular request, here is a place to purchase a pattern for the familiar Musketeer 'tabard'
17th Century Fashion Links Page The biggest and most comprehensive list of resources for people looking to recreate 17th century costumes.
L'Age D'Or This is a truly beautiful and useful site for the 17th century and Baroque enthusiast!
Richard the Thread Here's the ONLY place I was able to find a late 17th century/Restoration  pattern. A little more expensive than the typical pattern but worth every penny!
Sewing Central's Cavalier Costumes -(Direct Link for Men's-Direct Link for Women's Dress)
Super friendly service combined with a selection of excellent early, truly "cavalier" costume patterns makes this site a sure thing!
17th Century Stays Here is a useful site for making stays
Valentine Armouries Here are some really nice ready made cavalier-type costumes - Plus a lot of other great costumes and stuff. (Even a pair of Musketeer boots that aren't out of hand in price!)
Cavalier Doublet Pattern Here is a great pattern online for anyone looking to make an authentic Musketeer-age cavalier doublet
17th Century Shoes and Boots - An excellent reference page for footwear from the magnificent Costumer's Manifesto!
Blackpowder Accessories from 'By the Sword' - Taking your 'musketry' seriously? Here's a place to get those accessories! By the Sword has plenty of other things for the history enthusiast as well!

Portrait of a Man in a Ruff

General Costuming Resources

Patterns/Reference Sites

Webmistress Pick: 
Men with Big Hair; The Costume Movie Link Pages
This is an awesome site featuring breakdowns of historical movies with all the "Ahs!" and "Faux Pas" of the entertainment world! A++++

The Mileux Costume Site This is an awesome and comprehensive site for EVERYTHING! Ready made-patterns-supplies: You want it? It's likely to be here. 
The Costumer's Manifesto A comprehensive index that I ran into several times which trying to find 17th century costume info.
Eras of Elegance - This site lives up to its name. It also uses many pictures from popular culture/entertainment - so expect to see some familiar faces here.
The Costume Page One may see this page referenced a lot but it has a lot to offer and does warrant some thorough investigation
The Great Pattern Review A great site which offers reviews of many historical patterns and their producers
Five Rivers Chapmanry A wonderful pattern reference site. Extensive selection.
Reconstructing History - Features Renaissance, 17 century, Irish, Scottish, and Landsknecht on the way! They also have some interesting information on Japanese fashion through the ages (with some accompanying patterns on the horizon!)
Earthly Delights
Sewing Central I highly recommend them! Friendly, quick, and a good selection. She doesn't do ren faires since people who attend faire USUALLY don't want to make their own stuff - But do not let them slip you by! I purchased my upcoming cavalier costume pattern from them
Lavolta Press - Lavolta Press publishes high-quality books on historic costuming. They sell to individual customers, retailers, wholesalers, and libraries. They have been in business since 1993.
Amazon Drygoods - What an absolute TREAT! Amazon Drygoods offers catalogs for everything such as historical clothing patterns, home decor, and even historical shoes. I have ordered their standard four catalogs and shivered at the number of things I would be interested in buying. They do specialize in Victorian period but do cover other eras.
Dragonfly Design Studio Dragonfly Design Studio also stocks patterns
Quick and Easy Tabard/Tunic - [PDF file] Great for those who are not sewing machine friendly :) Here's a fun way to make a quick costume on short notice
- Thanks go out to Larry for finding this one!

1633-by Frans Hals

Historical (Ready To Wear)
A note about historical clothing: My definition of historical (as it applies to this site and MOST perceptions)  will fall into more historical inspired. You will VERY RARELY find a clothier who sells 100% accurate reproductions. If I discover a place that will vouch for that - I will make a note. The best way to get 100% accurate is to get a pattern, do some research into time appropriate materials and go from there. 

Excalibur Leather - I've also mentioned them above. Check here for Musketeer tabards of the 90s 'Man in the Iron Mask'! I am a long time customer of theirs and did business with them before I discovered these gems!!

Pendragon Costumes Another example of great workmanship. 

Chivalry Sports A reasonably priced range of ready to wear Renaissance Garb

Dragonfly Design Studio Dragonfly Design Studio has a wonderful selection of items for Rennies AND great personal service.

Jekyl the Hidesmith - Producing a wide array of good for the Renaissance Faire enthusiast, this site was recommended to me for their quality and their great customer service. 

Jewelry and Accessories
Ladysmaid Jewels - Have you spent months and months of time creating the perfect medieval or renaissance period costume? Here's the place to find the perfect period jewelry to accompany your costume!

(This is a tough category since history and fantasy cross sometimes subtly, and sometimes not so subtly, in popular culture.)
House of Anoria
Some very nice and unique ideas in leather garb
Nero Emporium
er nice leather place... Has leather armor too!
Elandah Leather - A large variety of high-quality leather mugs for your Ren Faire needs. Catch them in person - check their schedule on their site. 
Rose Leather Works Kind, courteous, and makes a wonderful product. Might not be good for your typical Ren Faire Costume but if you are looking for some sharp looking deerskin products - Look no further!

Weapons (More to come)
Replica Guns and Swords - Looking for a replica firearm for your "Cavalier" or other gear? Check out this site for a wide variety of replica goodies.
The Academy of Defence A authoritative reference on fencing and fencing groups.

Have a favorite site you'd like to share? Let me know!