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Links of "Interest"

Well, it would be a bit presumptuous of me to assume these links may be of interest to visitors to my site, but these links are related to some great places to see, entertainment to view, and links across the Net. I've begun this list relatively recently, so it will undoubtedly grow as time goes on. 

Sites of related interest

Swashbuckling Press - Swashbuckling Press is a site which devotes much interest to the image of the swashbuckler in fiction and non-fiction. They also feature a section dedicated to D'Artagnan, called The Gascon Adventurer.


Places to See - U.S.

Virginia's Historic Triangle (Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown/Yorktown) - Virginia's historic triangle includes Colonial Williamsburg (America's largest living history organization), Jamestown, and the Yorktown Victory center. The familiar, and famous, times represented in US history span  over 150 years (Jamestown in 1607 and the 'Independence Years' of the US). Get your history fix on the East Coast of the US, and get lost in history.


The Frazier Historical Arms Museum - A rare and captivating concept for a museum so close to my home in North America. Want to see a piece of Europe, but can't spring for the plane tickets just yet? You'll never guess how much is waiting for you so close to home!

I will let their "mission statement" speak for itself. 
"The Frazier, in collaboration with the Royal Armouries (Britain's oldest museum), holds in trust one of the greatest collections of arms, armor and related historical artifacts in the world...the combination of these two world-class collections allows the Frazier to tell the complete American story. Not the abridged version that begins in Jamestown with the colonists but a larger story that begins in Europe some 600 years earlier. No other museum can tell this story like the Frazier."


Eras of Elegance - Guide to Historical Travel - What an absolute gem! This site is a labor of love, and this comprehensive listing of US places of historical interest was like a dream come true. I couldn't believe the detail and sheer number of places "Eras" documented. Give this site a visit, and please, support your local historical preservation society by paying them a personal visit :) 


Places to See- Abroad

National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, LONDON  - Every time I go to this site, I sigh longingly. On my list of must-see places ASAP, this site has been an invaluable source of information and inspiration for my 'sea-faring' dreams. Their art museum is a 'to-die-for' source for the kind of maritime art you're just not going to find at your local frame shop.


Portsmouth: England 
"To Portsmouth... To Portsmouth... It is a gallant town...."

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard - Live and breathe
England's naval heritage through three of the most important warships ever built - Mary Rose, HMS Victory and HMS Warrior 1860.

HMS Victory - The Royal Navy's most famous warship. She is the world's oldest commissioned ship and a proud memorial to Vice Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson, Britain's greatest Naval hero.

Mary Rose - Mary Rose, built between 1510-1511, lost in 1545. For many years, Mary Rose was Henry VIII's favourite warship, fast and successful. And yet she sank - on a fine summer day as she sailed into action against the French fleet."


Gratifying Ways to Use Your Television

Horatio Hornblower (the A&E series)
- While I may certainly be biased towards historical-fiction, I can honestly say that this A&E adaptation of the C.S. Forester novels goes so far above and beyond what even big-budget Hollywood films have done for the era of tallships that it's nearly impossible for me to find enough words to praise it. The research and production crew who recreated the ships and settings, as well as phenomenal casting (highlighted by Ioan Gruffudd as Horatio and Robert Lindsay as Pellew), make this series simply awe inspiring and definitely in my top 5 of treasured DVD purchases. 

The Complete Adventures (DVDs 1-6)
Click here

New Adventures 
(DVD vols. 7 & 8)
Click Here

All About "Elizabeth"  - Maybe you've always been fascinated by the "Virgin Queen." Maybe you've only 'seen' her at a local Renaissance Faire. While my interests keep me hopping, I have found time to enjoy highlights such as the biography TV series done by David Starkey and The History Channel, Alison Weir's excellent biography, and, the movie which Cate Blanchett made phenomenal (and who was subsequently robbed of a well-deserved Oscar for best actress): Elizabeth.

The History Channel & David Starkey - a DVD biography
The indomitable Cate as the indomitable Queen!


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