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The Original Three

Athos, Porthos, and Aramis

This chapter for historical reasons will be small. Very little is known about the three beloved characters...

Aramis It all starts with a family tree for M. de Treville, whom you will recall, was the captaine-lieutenant of the Musketeers when D'Artagnan first made a petition to enter the prestigious group. Treville's father, Jean du Preyer, was a wealthy merchant who acquired nobility through his wealth. His second wife, Marie d'Aramitz, gave birth to Henri d'Aramitz, the Aramis of our stories. Aramis would have already been in the Musketeers by the time that D'Artagnan arrived to first meet Treville. Aramis was admitted to the musketeers in 1640, roughly the same time as his distant relative Athos. Unlike the fictional portrayal, Aramis was never a General of the Order of Jesuits or the Bishop of Vannes. He served 15 years in the King's armies and went on to an uneventful marriage and fatherhood.

Athos Surprisingly enough, Athos is also related to M. de Treville. Treville's father had an elder brother named Guilhem. Guilhem's daughter married Adrien de Sillègue, Seigneur d'Athos. Their younger son, Arnaud de Sillègue d'Athos was the Athos of the books. Athos would have also been in the Musketeers before D'Artagnan first arrived. Athos was most likely killed in a duel in Paris on December 21, 1643. Since Athos died before D'Artagnan joined the Musketeers... D'Artagnan most likely never met Athos. 

Porthos Isaac de Portau is the real name of the character who became Porthos. At the time that D'Artagnan entered the service of the King's guard under M. de Essex, Porthos had been with the company for some time. Porthos received his mantle in 1643. It is probable that Porthos and D'Artagnan could have become friends. Porthos was Bernais and D'Artagnan was Gascon; therefore they shared a similar background and dialect. After Porthos received his entry to the Musketeers however, his records disappear.

Monsieur Treville - The first "leader" of the Musketeers. Arnaud-Jean du Preyer was a very close match between history and Dumas - short of the average chronological inaccuracies common in the books. Comte de Troisvilles was never Captain of the Musketeers - but he was highly favored by Louis XIII. The highest rank that could be attained was Captain-Lieutenant (Captain being reserved for the king), and Trevilles attained this not until 1634. Constantly at odds with cardinals, he was removed from office by Richelieu. When the Musketeers were reinstated - it was only because Mazarin had his own candidate to place at their head.

Planchet, Grimaud, Bazin and Mousqueton - The loyal servants of our friends were completely the invention of Dumas