ir Clisto, Knight of the Holy Blade, of York

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Battle Statistics

Historical Background

wing thy mace upon Castle Seversword and ye wilst see where I live in York. Or, if ye prefer to learn the Nine Points of Knightly Virtue, Ye Olde Code of Chivalry or the Knightly Rules for Chivalrous Love, tap thy lance upon those words as well.

Sir Clisto's Battle Statistics

  • 12th Century Full Maille Shirt Armor with Coif - 40 lbs.
  • Full Crusader Great Helm - 12 lbs.
  • Full Steel Medieval Gauntlets with High Gothic Wrist Guards - 3 1/2 lbs.
  • Full Length Yellow and Red Colored Surcoat with Pierced Rampent Lion in upper left corner and Black Christian Cross in the opposite lower right.
  • Leather Studded War Belt.
  • Hand and a half Broadsword, 40" long - 2.5 lbs.
  • Flanged Footmans Battle Mace, 22" long - 5 lbs.
  • Swordbreaker Dagger, 16" long - 1 lb.
  • Medium Horsemans Lance with Heraldry Flag at the end, 12ft. long - 10 lbs.
  • Heavy Armoured Black Austrailian Friesian Warhorse with Surcoat Heraldry drapings over her, named "Camielle".

    Sir Clisto's Life History

    ood day Lords and Ladies. I am Clisto Seversword. I am here to tell ye about my illustrious background. Many of ye have wanted to hear this history, so I shall comply to thy wishes and tell it now:

    was born in a carriage on the first quarter moon in the month of August on the 9th day in the year of our lord 1169AD, to a well-to-do family in Yorkshire, England. I was one of twins. 'Twas during the reign of King Henry II. My father was of noble blood, in that he was a Duke, and my mother a Scottish lass, who had by marriage to my father, became a Duchess. The fact she was of Scottish decent was hidden by my father, in that he taught her French to mask her heritage from ridicule. My childhood was one of great joy and I grew up with all I could ever have wanted. But, even as a child, I would always ask that part of what I had be given to those less fortunate then I. Before the age of 9, my parents saw to it that I was well educated by the best tutors in the ways of philosophy, languages, art and literature. However, that was only part of my education. At the age of 9, I became a squire. In doing so, I gained the opportunity to learn all I could about the use of various weapons. And, over the years, I became very proficient in many of them. I learned to specialize in the broadsword, mace, warhammer, staff, battleaxe, great sword and lance. At the age of 17, I left my family in York and began a life as a mercenary. I wanted to do my part to uphold thy Kings laws by bringing in any malicious rogues that the sheriff's men could not find so they could face his majesties justice. This also paid extremely well, probably due to the high risk of death. Of course, I had wealth enough as it was. Nevertheless, I wanted to make a living like normal people, and not use my status to have things handed to me.

    'was not long afterward, that I had entered into the Kings tournament, winning it and was henceforth dubbed a Knight after the proper 24 hours of prayer in the church and given the title of "Sir" by the now new King, Richard I, better known by all as "Richard Coeur de Lion" (the Lionhearted). Not long after that, at the age of 21 I followed and fought along side Richard in the Third Crusade in 1189 against the infidel Saladin. Since this was in the Holy land and I had dispatched many enemies, I was given the name of knight of the Holy Blade of York. Since then, I have vowed to continue to fight and uphold the laws of England and the Church, along with whom ever shall have reigned, to the best of my abilities, and have done so since.

    ruthfully, there was only one monarch whom I did not happen to agree with. This was King John, Richard's brother. He had his brother captured in Austria by Leopold and held for ransom so he could take over the throne. John was never for England. John was for John. But, let it be known, although I might not have agreed with the way he ruled, I still hold my country of England in its highest regard and protected her with all of my dying loyalty and devotion.

    oday I live back in York within the walls of my own castle with a full staff, hearty militia and land as far as my eyes can see. This compliment being that of 1 First knight, 37 Elite heavly armored knights with lance, 352 foot soldiers, 49 Longbow men, 44 Crossbow men and numerous squires and other agents. Many more are at my disposal if needed. Various other staff from cooks, blacksmiths, stable hands, washer women to servants help run my Keep on a daily basis. My only sorrow has been the death of my wife. My son, now age 24, has had to grow up without a mother for years. He is now one of my knights and serves me well.

    Invictus Maneo - I Remain Unvanquished