Castle Seversword

I thought it tyme that I grant all ye good gentles the opportunity to finally see where I reside. The portrait above is "CASTLE SEVERSWORD" which is located in the northeastern part of York. After returning from the third crusade with King Richard I, he generously gave me a plot of land and the gold to build a smaller keep upon it. All of this was in trade for mine military service of watching and patrolling the upper most part of England and to thwart back any who might try to oppose him from there. I began construction in 1191 and it took two years to complete. What ye see now has been mine home ever since. 'Tis a fortress to behold. Although it looks small from the portrait perspective, it is actually large. And it hath withstood the many battles and test of time.

At one point many years ago whence I first had mine castle built, I also had a moat dug around it for protection since many raiding parties would try their best to penetrate my defenses. But now in these more modern of times of peace throughout the realms, I hath had the moat filled in allowing visitors easier access to mine home. Verily, many of mine older defenses art still in place from centuries past to keep out the "non-visitor riff raff". So, to give all ye good gentles a peak at what it used to look like around here at Castle Seversword, I had a drawing created below, which shows mine castle surroundings from the time 'twas built. I do hope ye all find it informative. Anon