The guy behind the "Medieval" facade.


I am the real person behind the vast Medieval and Renaissance knowledge. In here, you will see the more personal side of me, my likes, dislikes, favorite sites on the net, favorite pastimes and hobbies.

My name is John Brunette, but most people call me "Clisto". I live in Wisconsin, and was born and raised here in the state. Yes, I am a cheesehead. I am 67 years old, retired, have been married for 46 years, have a 34 year old son and a cute Havanese dog named Satin. I own a ranch style home in a quiet subdivision and have been blessed enough to have most of the things I want. I am also an actor/Medieval Reenactor/Performer, Renaissance Faire goer, Kenpo Karate 2nd Degree Black Belt, role playing gamer, windup phonograph collector, stereoptica collector, medieval weapons enthusiast/full armoured combat broadsword fighter and novice writer. I am also an avid trail cyclist. Last but not least, a HUGE Green Bay Packer fan.

Below, I have listed many of my favorite things. But, my number one passion is Medieval History and Medieval & Renaissance Faires. I studied it in college as well as many years since. I have also played the part of King Richard the Lionheart in a History Channel documentary in March of 2006 called "Decoding the Past - Secrets of the Koran", as well as portraying other crusader/knight roles in it. I am also in a historical reference book called "The Illustrated History of the Knights Hospitaller", by Stephan DeFoe, as well as other appearances in Renaissance Magazine. I also perform at many Medieval/Renaissance faires through out the summer and help teach about Medieval History. My performing parts include - King Richard I (the Lionheart), King Arthur, Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, Sir Anthony Denny, The Duke of York & Sir Clisto, (Knight), as well as two other personas just for fun which are a Scotsman "Ian Macrae" and a Viking "Valgaror the Vulgar". If you would like to see more about these topics or more on the periods, check out my very comprehensive web site: "Sir Clisto Seversword's Tome of Adventure and Knowledge." You won't find another source of links for Renaissance faires, arms & armor, castles, clothing, food, music, organizations, dragons, history and much more pertaining to this subject all in one central location on the net. There are 104 chapters of different topics and it is visited daily by over 191 countries, commonwealths, territories etc.., with now over 9 Million hits. It is also 100% Family Friendly!!! Also, let me know if you have or know of a new related site you would like to see added.

My Love for Role Playing Games

My next favorite pastime is Role Play Gaming. I had been an RPGA - (Role Playing Gamers Association) member for many years and still play today. I was also the treasurer of the world wide gaming club of Southeastern Wisconsin: The Fellowship of the Black Spot. By the way, in our earlier days, our RPG gaming club also took 1st place for the best all around sanctioned gaming club newsletter in North America for 1995, 1996 and 1997, and took 1st place for the all around best club Web Site for 1999. Also, many other awards for 2000 in the RPGA Decathlon as well as special awards for other events in later years. I still play 2nd Edition D&D on open weekends today with a great group of friends from here. Below are my favorite role playing systems:

Ravenloft - Love anything Gothic Horror or related
Forgotten Realms
The Living City
Al Qadim

Computer and Other Electronic Gaming

Diablo I
Diablo II - Lord of Destruction
The 7th Guest
The 11th Hour
Ultima VIII (Pagan)
Star Seige Tribes
Doom All games
Tomb Raider All Games
Any Dungeons and Dragons
Medieval I and II for Playstation II
Ghost Recon and Halo
Atari Lynx Portable Gaming System - all games

Some Favorite Movies & TV Shows

History Channel
Discovery Channel
Beowulf & Grendel 2005
Kingdom of Heaven
First Knight
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Robinhood Old and New
Ivanhoe 1952
Sir Lancelot 1950's
13th Warrior
Covington Cross - Have all episodes and ones only shown in England too with interviews.
Stargate SG1
All Horror Films, especially the classics
King Arthur (All)
Arn the Knight Templar
Last Legion
Red Cliff
Brother Cadfel series
Spartacus (All)

Some of my Leisurely Interest's on the Net

Below are some of the places to which I surf. And, as you can see by some of the links, I do have a fascination for strange phenomenon. I do believe in the paranormal, from ghostly experiences of my own, and am of the mind set that we just can't be the only living beings or creatures in existence anywhere in all relative time and space. Besides, it's also a lot of fun. Anyway, back to my interest's.

The Discovery Channel
Remote Viewing
The Ultimate WWW UFO Page
Shadowlands Ghost Page
Sea Srepents and Lake Monsters
dMarie Time Capsule - Find out what happened when you were born
Chris Balls Informational Discovery Links
Whitley Striebers Unknown Country
Earth Files - Linda Moulton Howe

That's it for now. Let me know what you think by clicking on the E-mail address.

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