Owain Phyfe was a man who loved music and sang with a voice that no other bard around could best. He was a musical performer who started out at the Michigan Reianssance faire with his lovely wife Paula. He grew up in a Welsh family and learned different languages. His love for music spread and he soon found himself emmersed in the songs of olden days of centuries gone by. His angelic voice was one of a kind that no one else could ever come close to. Owain Phyfe is by far the most instrumental of TRUE BARDS I know by definition. I met him and Paula many years ago at the Michigan Renaissance Faire. I heard a voice singing in a different language and when I got to the stage I sat and listened. I was hooked immediately to his angelic voice. A musical bard by definition is able to use their voice in song as well as their instrument, to magically control the audience or people around them. Making them sway to a tune, fall asleep, laugh, cry and feel every emotion they wish them to. This is a gift very few actually possess. Yes, many others are funny, carry a tune to music we all like and enjoy, but to have the gift of magic that Owain was given comes few times in generations. I have been to 51 different Renaissance Faires and nowhere else have I encountered this type of musical Bard. One only need watch the audience as he starts to sing and you will see just what I mean. That is, if you yourself have not already been captivated by his musical charms. No matter where I go, his voice is definitely one of a kind. And, without his song, he is a man of gracious being. Always willing to play along and have fun in anything he does. Never a bad bone in his body, he is a gentleman's gentleman, always willing to take the time to talk. Yes, Owain IS, a Bard of realmic proportion. Thank you for giving us your wonderful gift of song. Much prayer and love, my Amigo.

Owain will always be remembered for his wonderful angelic voice, friendly smile, witty charm, love for everyone he met and magical energy he instilled in all who knew him. It will never be the same without him and his wonderful hits from ancient times on...

Owain Phyfe

Owain is on the right 1968