Sir Clisto Seversword
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AFR Name : Sir Clisto
Home Faire : Bristol Renaissance Faire
Title(s) : Sir Clisto Seversword Knight of the Holy Blade of York,
Actor - Played King Richard the Lionhearted on the History Channel, as well as a few other roles in other episodes.
Re-enactor - Perform at various faires around the U.S., especially Des Moines, Iowa, the Wisconsin Renaissance Faire and Door County Renaissance Faire and a few others.
Historical Educator - Travel to schools and organizations to teach students and others about medieval history through a hands on learning approach with weapons and armor. Sir Ian Macrae, Chieftain of Clan Macrae,
First Champion of the Queen of Scots, Texas
Ren Merc, Rogue #289, Ren Geek, & Ren Vet - 33 years,
Lord of Berry Weiss,
Knight of the Rose,
"The Guild" Jousting Troupe Member - Texas,
Alewulf Viking member - Bristol
Pub Crew Member - Michigan
Writer for Renaissance Magazine
Quote : Oh...the sweet rewards of knighthood lie not in the true noblest of deeds, but are buried deep within the eyes and heart of his one true admiring lady.
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Personal : Sir Clisto Seversword's Tome of Adventure and Knowledge
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Faires I Attend On A Normal Basis
Name State / Province City
Bristol Renaissance Faire Wisconsin Bristol
Door County Renaissance & Fantasy Faire Wisconsin Egg Harbor
Des Moines Renaisance Faire Iowa Des Moines
Michigan Renaissance Faire Michigan Holly
Ohio Renaissance Festival Ohio Harveysburg
Greater St Louis Renaisance Faire Missouri Wentzville

My Rennie Help Pages
Name Description
The Knights of the Guild A jousting troupe taylored to a character building program for young adults
Des Moines Renaissance Faire A faire I perform at regularly

My Favourite Sites
Name Description
Renaissance radio Renaissance music 24 hours a day from artists all over the faire circut
International Brotherhood of Rogues, Scoundrels and Cads What else, Rogues and ladies men
Alt.Faires.Renaissance A messageboard of AFR friends and family

These Are Some Of The Skills That I'm Willing To Share / Help With
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Personal Description Different Persona Descriptions Notes
I am 62 years old and married for 42 years. We have one child, a 30 year old son. I am a true vet of faire, this year of 2018 being my 42nd Anniversary of performing and faireing, especially at Bristol, Des Moines, Ohio, Days of Knights and several others with 55 different faires under my belt. Sir Clisto Seversword, Knight of the Holy Blade of York. A knight who hails from Richard the Lionhearted, upholds the olde code of chivalry, stands for what is right and true and will fight for honor in country and self.

His Grace, Lord Clisto Seversword, Duke of York. A powerful Duke with many land holdings and businesses representing the Queen of England.

Sir Ian Macrae is Chieftain of Clan Macrae. A noble Scot with an eye for the lassies with a stomach for drinking his share and more. If ya want trouble, he will be happy to give it to you.

Valgaror the Vulgar, is a Viking of loud and obnoxious behavior. He is ready to pillage any land and ravish any women to come his way. He loves Kiafa and the Meade of Odin, and will gladly serve you some from the hollowed out skull from a freshly slain Saxon.
My real family heraldry has been traced back to the actual time of Richard the First, and there is nobility in our family on my fathers side from that time. To see my family crest, click HERE

"Keeper of the Sheep" & "Protector of the Cheese"
6.9% Faire Folk Pure
93.1% Faire Folk Corrupt
Weissd'Berry Leinenkugel Tankardous of Sarcastica, - Buy me an ale, I'll be your friend for life