Apply For My Knightly Award

To apply for my award, (shown above), just follow the few easy instructions below. I will review them and look for things I like. I can't say for sure all what I am looking for, but I will know when I see it. I will get back to most individuals applying within 3 days time. So please be patient. If you feel you have what it takes, do it.

1) Send me E-mail requesting you would like my award. Include Your Name, Site Name, Site URL, E-mail address, Where You Are From, and Something About Your Site and Its Contents.

2) The site must have original content and the work must be your own and not copied from another site.

3) It should have content well enough for the whole family to view. Mine is Family Friendly and I look heavily upon that.

4) It must be easy to load with graphics being of small enough size.

5) It should not contain any heavy content promoting, encouraging or engracing tobacco or alcohol and its use.

6) It should contain no vulgarity, pornography, nudity or indecency of any kind, either written or graphical.

7) All sites are open for applying even though they may not have a Medieval and Renaissance content. Of course, I like that, but I am very objective if the site is good, original, family oriented, self created and peaks my interest.

8) There should be very few, if any, dead links.

9) If given the award, it should have a link attached to it linking it back to me.

10) Please sign my guestbook if you have not already.