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Albert Alfonso Bodrans
Ardival Harps
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Bloomington Early Music Festival
Brobdingnagian Bards
Brother - Bagpipes & Rock Aussie Style
Celtic Cultures - Some instruments
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Clann An Drumma
Corsairs, The
Craig of Farrington
Damian Dlugolecki - String Maker
Dreamsinger Harps
Empty Hats
Folker and Powell Historical Flutes
Gibbon The Troubadour
The Gregorian Chant Home Page
Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Instruments, A
Griffin Music Hammered Dulcimer
Internet Renaissance Band - Renaissance Midi Files
Kat Eggleston
Lark in the Morning
Lilies of the Valley
Lise Winne - Musician
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Lyrichord Early Music Series
The Minstrel's of Mayhem
Molly and the Tinker---
Morris and Sword Sides - Links of Dance Troupes
Orckes & Trolles
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Pyrates Royale
Queen Anne's Lace
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