Societies/Guilds/Troupes and Organizations

Autumn Tree Armored Combat Company
Bladelands Chronicles, The

Caravan Gypsies, The
Ded Bob Homepage
Duelists, The
Empire of Chivalry and Steel
Grey Company
Guild, The
Guild of St George
House Houndsworthy
International Brotherhood of Rogues, Scoundrels and Cads
International Wenches Guild Local 69
Kingdom of Ironden, The
Kingdom of Galandor, The
Knight for Hire
Knights Hospitallers, The
Knight to Remember, A---
Mercenaries Medieval Combat Guild, The
The Mud Show - The Greatest Show In Earth
The Order of the Selohaar
Ottoman Traders' Guild
Plymouth State College Medieval Society
Puke and Snot
Renaissance Mercenaries Guild
Renaissance Sword Theater
Rights and Responsibilities of Medieval Guilds
Royal Chessmen, The
SCA - Society for Creative Anachronism
Shiabruck Medieval Reenactment Association
Sound and Fury
Saint Andrews - Noble Order of Royal Scotts
St Elizabeth's Guild
The Swordsmen - Dirk and Guido
The Thieves Guild
Thieves' Guilde
To The Hilt
The Virtual Fooles Troupe
Washer Well Wenches, The
Zucchini Brothers