Jewelry/Wares/Books and other Accessories

Alchemy Gothic
Ancient Circles---
Ancient Circles Medallions---
Camelot Enterprises - Faire Fans
Carl W Lemke Unique Jewelry
Celtic Heart
The Celtic Lady
Cheyne Walk - Fine Art Publishers
Dance Time Publications
Darkridge Jewels (Rings, crowns, coronets etc..)
deSignet International
Distant Caravans
Don Lewis Designs - Hardwood Drinking Tankards
Drachenstein Treasures
Dragon's Path Walking Staffs
Fellowship Foundry

Gaukler Medieval Wares

Goodly Woods - Mugs and Goblets

Griffon's Medieval Manuscripts
Gryphon's Moon
Highland Anvil
Illusion Jewels

Mansour Designs - custome masks

Medieval Pavilion Resources
North American Carrousel - Faire Rides, Props and Pushcarts
Oak and Iron Forge
Parrish Relics
Peter Stone Celtic Jewelry
Raymond's Quiet Press - (Buckles, Brooches, Clasps & Jewelry)

Shetland Piper, The
Smoke and Fire Company, The---
Strangeblades and More
Sykes Sutlering
Talismans Jewelers and Metalsmiths
Tentsmiths Authentic Period Tentage
The Tudor Shop
Walking Cane Depot
Wizards Way Pewter
Worlds of Wonder

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ATF Renaissance Banner Network